About 40 50 Media


Over 20 years’ experience in Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation

With over 20 years’ experience in Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation 40 50 Media can help you grow your online presence and in turn increase sales.

We design and build future proof websites that work on all devices to maximise the return on your investment. We are 100% UK based, managed and staffed with a focus on helping UK sole traders, partnerships and limited companies get the most out of the internet.

One size does not fit all – we will bring a fresh and unique perspective to your business and work with you on an on-going basis.

Having worked in the media and events industry for many years, and on several occasions launching websites, micro sites and social media campaigns for luxury brands, I was used to budgeting a considerable amount to web development.

I was always under the impression, pay a little, get a little, so naturally when I first became aware of 4050Media via a google search, I was genuinely shocked by how reasonable their pricing structure was. So much so, that I actually called up immediately to make sure I wasn’t missing some fine print somewhere where they add on another 0 on the fee.

Lo and behold the price was right and all I can say about the service is WOW. The value for money is incredible and the promptness at sorting any issues, large or small is more rapid than some in-house developers I’ve worked with.

I am really happy with my website and it’s responsiveness across devices is incredible.

I can not recommend this service enough!

Thanks again 4050!

Christian Morrow, Omega 2 Alpha